8-10 Place de l'église

8-10 place de léglise

This solar plant has been implemented on a building that was refurbished and newly insulated in the village of Confignon. This example illustrates the perfect harmony that can be achieved with photovoltaic and thermic pannels on the same roof. 

8-10 place de l'église
Place Municipality of Confignon
Date of first kWh produced 11.09.2012
Estimated electricity production 11'819 kWh per year
Coverage 68 sqm
Photovoltaic power of solar panels 169.3 kWp
CO2 emissions avoided 5 tons per year
Solar panel Solaria 250W
Number of solar panels 40
Time of energetic return (panels) 3 years
1 inverter Refusol 10 kW