"La Chaumaz"

La chaumaz solaire

This solar plant of 1057 m2, which produces 169,000 kWh/year, is an example of an original and collective investment. A small, three-person company organized by Yellowprint built the solar power plant on the roof of the stables rented to the La Chaumaz equestrian centre. This solution shows that anyone, even those who don't own a roof themselves, can participate in the realization of a solar power plant by delegating the entire project to Yellowprint - including post-installation services.

"La Chaumaz"
Place Municipality of Russin
Estimated electricity production 162'500 kWh per year
Coverage 1057 sqm
Photovoltaic power of solar panels 169.3 kWp
CO2 emissions avoided 77 tons per year
Solar panel CEEG SST 260-60M
Number of solar panels 651
Time of energetic return (panels) 3 years
1 inverter LTI PVmaster II 175