Joint-ownership of Confignon 1 & 2


The municipal school of Confignon was recently renewed. The works which began in summer 2010 allowed the installation of two photovoltaic power plants (Confignon 1 and 2) whose energy production was consumed by co-owners in the region.

Yellowprint Sàrl allowed the inhabitants of the municipality to become producers and consumers of their own photovoltaic energy. This solution allowed each owner to have their own micro-power plant managed collectively in order to reduce the costs and the complexity.

There are still some panels available on Confignon 2; do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of this offer all the details of which you will find below!

What are the advantages? 

  • Production of your own solar energy over 25 years
  • Possible Investment as of 1m2
  • Reduction of your electricity bill
  • Minimization of your energy footprint
  • Moderate cost and innovative project
  • Installation, maintenance and administration completely managed by Yellowprint Sàrl
  • Ownership of a sourface not necessary
  Confignon 2
Place Confignon
Cost per square meter * CHF 1'100.-
Net production by m2 160 kWh per year
Duration 25 years
CO2 emissions avoided by m2 85 kg per year
Costs (maintenance, control, management, etc.) CHF 3.- per month
Estimated price of solar kWh over 25 years, net 50 cts per kWh
Coverage 136 sqm
Photovoltaic power of solar panels 21 kWp
Estimated electricity production 22'034 kWh per year
CO2 emissions avoided 10 tons
Solar panel CEEG SST 250-60M
Number of solar panels 84
Time of energetic return (panels) 3 years
1 inverter REFUSOL 20K

*Municipal participation for Confignon inhabitants