Agricultural hangar

Hangar agricole à Bernex

Excellent example of a formal relationship between a farmer wishing to make the roof of one of his hangars available to create photovoltaic energy and a private company wishing to exploit it. Yellowprint in this project of approximately 450 m2, ensured that the requirements of the farmer were met (100% European technology, compensation for the roof space, non-interference with the daily activity, obtaining the necessary approvals, etc.).

Hangar agricole
Place Municipality of Bernex
Estimated electricity production 105'000 kWh per year
Coverage 700 sqm
Photovoltaic power of solar panels 100 kWp
CO2 emissions avoided 10 tons per year
Solar panel Isofoton
Number of solar panels 440
Time of energetic return (panels) 3 years
Inverters Refusol